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TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, the The Swedish producer has created the extraordinary frames which affords high wearing comfort. Titanium frames are very airy and resilient. But the greatest benefit is the beta-titanium arms with the shape memory which permits very high flexibility and fitting in the area of ears and auricles.

L-type set

The uniqueness of TAG Heuer eyeglasses is L-type set. L-type models are decorated with crocodile and calf leather, possibly they can be decorated with ruby or brilliants.

TAG Heuer creates eyeglasses as real jewels. This model is decorated with ruby (the first and second photo from left). The price is around 64 000 Kč. We offer also cheapest alternative (the second photo from right side). The first photo below from right side is the sporty brand new L-type made from crocodille leather.

The brand new models

New bicolor design supplements the faultless feeling of wearing them. Among our brand new models there are also some pieces with crocodile leather arms.

Actualisation: 20th October, 47 examples on stock


MUDr. Michal Znojemský - eye doctor in our shop on Josefská street

26. 09. 2013

Eye doctor with years of experience

TAG Heuer, 19 new frames
TAG Heuer, 19 new frames

25. 09. 2013

More than 50 frames TAG Heuer in Optik Krouman stores

Rudy Project
Rudy Project

07. 03. 2013

Technically cool sport glasses

25 % OFF the frame in case of multifcal glasses purchase

07. 01. 2013

Valid throughout Janury 2013

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