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Colored contact lenses

For those, who want to change eye color, we have now different types of colored contact lenses in the stock. So now you can buy right away one of the seven most favourite colors in Europe
nondioptrical design: brilliant blue, saphire blue, blue, green gemstone, turquoise, sterling gray and brown. The dioptrical colored lenses will be prepared for you in two days.

For illustration we photographed colored lenses demonstrated always just on right eye, so you can assess what changes are on different eyes.

Brilliant blue

Gemstone green

Sterling gray

Caribbean aqua

Sapphire blue




We reccomend to try the particular color of contact lenses. The final result is affected by your native eye colour. You can avoid this effect only by using full-cover color contact lenses, but they haven´t got so natural visage.

There are some disadvantages related with color contact lenses – especially they limit your peripheral vision. The movement of colored lenses may be visible at close range when winking.
However, you can achieve an appropriate selection of an interesting effect. To test we have more than forty samples. Feel free to try different color eyes. Recommended for the examination of colored contact lenses ordered or by phone: 542 212 955

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MUDr. Michal Znojemský - eye doctor in our shop on Josefská street

26. 09. 2013

Eye doctor with years of experience

TAG Heuer, 19 new frames
TAG Heuer, 19 new frames

25. 09. 2013

More than 50 frames TAG Heuer in Optik Krouman stores

Rudy Project
Rudy Project

07. 03. 2013

Technically cool sport glasses

25 % OFF the frame in case of multifcal glasses purchase

07. 01. 2013

Valid throughout Janury 2013

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